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Shark Poster in Simana

The linguist Luke Schroeder has made a shark poster in Sinama. Still today many elder Sama Dilaut have great knowledge about different shark species and their habitats and nature.


Luke Schroeder has put a great effort in making the poster, talking with many Sama fishermen. When pictures have not been enough, he has interviewed Sama men on the behaviors and nature of the sharks which Luke has been able to link to scientific descriptions of the sharks.

The older generations of Sama still have a great knowledge about sharks, but the younger fishermen are much less familiar with the sharks behavior and nature.

Over exploitation of sharks has made shark fishing illegal throughout Southeast Asia. Also Bajau Laut fishermen have contributed to the near extinction of many shark species, largely driven by a great demand for shark fins.

Luke Schroeder has also published a poster about coral fish in Sinama, which can be found on his website: Common Reef Fish Sinama, English, & Scientific Name Poster.

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