For a Living Ocean

Sama Girl in Metro Manila get Famous

During a festival in Queezon City a photo was taken of a 13 year old Sama Dilaut girl begging in the streeets with her younger sibling. After a while the photo got viral on Facebook and other social media. Today she has been modeling for several newspaper and been awarded a scholarship. Her name is Rita Gabiola

Why is she getting famous? Does it require beuaty to get a scholarship and support? Many Sama Dilaut have been deprived of their livelihood and they are discriminated. Throughout Metro Manila and other big Philippine cities they are now making a living from street vending, bicycle taxi an begging.

In Philippines, more than 10 % of the population go overseas for work and send money back to their relatives. But how many Sama Dilaut can go overseas for work? Who is sending money back to them?

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