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Sama Dilaut Photo Book as PDF

Here comes my Photo Sama Dilaut - People of the SeaPhook about Sama Dilaut as PDF: Sama Dilaut – People of the Sea. Over the years, I have distributed approximately 50 copies of the book, which is not for sale but given to people and organizations I meet.

At the moment, I am working on a new updated book that will touch more on Sama Dilaut’s culture and challenges as well as different fishing techniques. It will also contain my most recent photos.

2 responses

  1. Hi Erik, Great photo book. Do you mind if I share it on my website? Probably linked from here with full credit to you of course:

    April 17, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    • Hi Fransesca! Yes, it would bee great if you can share my photobook on your website. Thanks

      April 17, 2017 at 11:37 pm

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