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Philippine Records in Sama Freediving Contest

The winner of the Sama Freediving Contest, Juli Musuari reached 260 feet, or 79 meters. It is the deepest dive ever by a diver from the Philippines. Sama diving capabilities have been known for a long time, but it is not until now their dives have been measured by professional standards.

Totally 18 Sama from the Davao region participated in the contest, of whom five were from Matina Aplaya. Nasahali Musahali, a man from Matina Aplya, finished second, reaching 242 feet, or 72 meters.

The contestants were diving in the traditional Sama way, called Rod and Line. They were using rods of between 3-7 kilo to descend and were then pulled up by two partners on the boat. The competition consisted of three rounds. For information on all dives please visit Kadayawan Sama Freediving Contest 2013.

Here you can see the Silver Dive by Nasahali Musahali. As most other Sama in Davao he is originally from Zamboanga.

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