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Sama Freediving Contest

On August 15th Freediving Philippines are organizing a Sama freediving contest in Davao City. It will be held during the annual Kadayawan festival, that highlights the 11 indigenous tribes of Davao.

Sama Frediving Contest

“Bajau are also indigenous to the Davao region”, writes Luke Schroeder on who is one of the organizers of the event. Totally 23 men are participating in the contest, all of whom have dived more than 80 feet. Ten men from the Sama Community of Matina Aplaya are participating.

Goals of the Event (from

*Increase awareness in the Davao area about the Sama tribe. Many government offices and schools are unaware that the Sama are indigenous to the Davao region.
*Honor the Sama people. Overall perception of the Sama people in urban areas of the Filipinos is in many cases degrading towards them. Sama are a peace loving people and very hard working. We would like to make this known.
*Set national records for the sport of freediving.
*Provide opporOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtunities for a few exceptionally skilled Sama divers.

Current Philippine Records (from
Static Apnea- 3:06 minutes by Villongco Zenon Alejandro Dario
Free Immersion- 32 meters by Carmelo Navarro

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